Inspired by our natural environment and responding to all levels of human needs, Jorge Hrdina Architects has over 30 years of experience in the delivery of high-quality architecture.


Our architecture fundamentally responds to serve the human needs which are tri-partite in nature, satisfying the functional, emotional, and spiritual requirements of the client.

The aspiration is to anchor our buildings specifically to the individual site whilst synthesizing the potentials of the machine-made with the hand crafted.

Our buildings grow out of the earth and into the light with a sense of inventiveness allowing the soul to flourish in a quiet sanctuary.


Jorge Hrdina

Jorge Hrdina


The practice was founded by Jorge Hrdina some thirty years ago shortly after graduating from University. Jorge was born in Chile and shortly after moved to Milan, Italy with his family before settling in Sydney. His influences in architecture have been formed from early experiences living on the rocky Chilean seaside coast, together with the cultural sensibilities of European architecture. Later, after an apprenticeship with prominent Sydney architect, Neville Gruzman, Jorge developed an affinity for the Australian landscape, topography and way of life.

This philosophical grounding has allowed Jorge and the team to steadily build a reputation for contemporary, site-specific homes harnessed by the quiet brilliance of natural materials and crafted forms. Jorge has been extensively featured in local and international press publications:

  • The Local Project
  • Arch Daily
  • Belle Magazine
  • Wish Magazine
  • inside out
  • Architizer
  • Fairfax book
  • Herald Domain
  • Vogue Living Australia
  • Houses magazine
  • Master Builder Australia
  • Australian Financial Review
  • The Architecture Bulletin

“We explore the symbolism of being anchored to the earth, a protected and safe sanctuary, whilst allowing the mind and spirit to soar.”


Oriana Garcia
Oriana Garcia
Chloe Andrews
Chloe Andrews
Vincent Hrdina
Vincent Hrdina